Trusted Dealers of Longmarch Tyres in Pakistan



Longmarch is a high quality tyre brand, manufacturing tyres that provides long term economy and meet all the requirements of navigation in international region. Longmarch are the premier All-Steel tyre producer in China and makes tyres for a variety of commercial vehicles, including buses, trucks, trailers as well as heavy commercial vehicles. About 60 distinct patterns & sizes are made, and these are great for a wide variety of functions, which includes highway, regional, on and off road and other substantial applications.

Chaoyang Longmarch Tyre Co was previously a division of Liaoning Tyre Co Ltd and has about 60 years of exposure in producing tyres. Constantly using innovative testing and development, Longmarch is elevating safety and performance standards, producing tyres that are suitable for their peculiar motive. The ultra-modern Longmarch company combines production plants from all over the world and all Longmarch tyres are globally licensed under ISO/TS 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2000 quality control systems (IATF). Longmarch presently markets overseas to about 90 countries.


Myco corporation is the issuing collaborator for Longmarch in the Pakistan. The entity has over 40 years of work reputation in the region and is renowned as a preferred ally for all kinds of tyres requirements in the Pakistan.
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