Testing Facility

Longmarch tyres are the leading All-Steel tyres to be produced in China. Conventional radial tyres adopt steel for the tread areas, making the sidewalls susceptible. Longmarch uses steel cords all round, preserving the sidewall casing while developing the durability and effectiveness of the tyres.
Additionally, this pattern grants the tyres to be re-grooved and retreaded to prolong their existence much longer.

Examination begins with the crude supplies. By scrutinizing the rubber at a minuscule degree, fusions can be verified for their propriety. Instead of deploying rubber production, internal examination grants the inventors to constantly innovate, allowing the meager shift that cause a magnificent variation on the road.

No tyre can attain high points in every single analysis. Alternately, the experimentation practice pushes innovation, so Longmarch can produce more than 332 variations of tyres fusing 60 different design and 52 distinct sizes. That is how some tyres have been uniquely developed for the Globally.


Before every tyre moves from the production facility it goes through a comprehensive ultraviolet rays’ scrutiny. This certifies there are no misplacement of steel wires, no misrepresentations or unfamiliar relics, and no undesirable air pockets. A radioactive investigation is simply Longmarch’s modest early process in establishing excellence. Every tyre is then exposed to a wide scope of user experiments, utilizing specialized machinery from – you’ve predicted it – all around the globe.

Tyres use 48 hours on a headlong perseverance race. This examination instrument comes from Germany and achieves others like a vulcanisation analysis machine and two machineries especially for assessing the steel wire. shoreography verification utilizes methodological radiation and flawless waves to verify the excellence of singular units within the tyre, identifying any glitch.

Rapid laser productive balancing and a pressurized slowing service test are two more constituents of the in-depth testing technique. Longmarch is lauded for the tyres that made at its production unit. The examination technique moves beyond statutory prerequisites and certifies the tyres are road qualified for the requirements of global.

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